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Retractable Grounding Reel - RGR

  • Application Scenario: for large storage tanks in lightning-prone areas

The Retractable Grounding Reel (RGR for short) is developed for lightning discharge of floating roof storage tanks. It realizes equipotential connection between the tank shell and floating roof, and provides the lowest impedance channel for the safe discharge of lightning current and bound charge. At the same time, it reduces the instantaneous overvoltage between the floating roof and tank shell, minimizing the possibility of a lightning-induced fire.

Housing316L stainless steel
SpringSpring steel
CableDouble braided cable 2880/34
Tinned braided copper cable (inside layer)
Braided 316/304 SS cable (outside layer)
Cross-sectional area ≥502mm
Cable Length24.5m (Length can be customized)
Max. Pull-out Length24M to 30M
Total Resistance (Pull-out length 20 meters)<0.03Ω
Overall Dimensions50.5*48*20cm
CertificationATEX & IECEx approved

1.316L stainless steels housing for corrosion resistance;

2.Braided strip outer stainless steel braiding protection, better tensile resistance;

3.Overall mirror polishing, more beautiful, better corrosion resistance;

4.Pre-Tensioned: The RGR is pretensioned at the factory, so no on-site tensioning is required.