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Vibrating Level Switch for Solids - UZK-Y(W)

  • Application Scenario: for level measurement of powders or fine-grained solids

UZK-Y(W) Tuning Fork Solids Level Switch is a kind of solid material level switch specially for measuring powder and fine particles, which can measure fine sand, fine chemical materials, flour, salt and other materials with the lowest density of 0.008g/cm3, especially suitable for ultra-low density material level measurement, with wide adaptability and high reliability.

Applicable LiquidsType of MediumPowder, Fine Granular Materials
Medium Density0.008g/cm3
Particle sizeUp to 10mm
Probe ParametersVibration Frequency200Hz
Fork Body Length165mm
Response TimesContact with Materials0.5S
No Materials1S
Power InputRelay Type20~250V AC/20~72V DC
Two-wire Type10~36V DC
Power ConsumptionAC, 1~8VA; DC, 1.5W
Signal OutputRelayDPDT, 5A/253V AC/24V DC
Two-wire8mA/16mA, Alarm<2.3mA
Environmental ConditionsProcess Pressure-1~25bar
Process Temperature-50~+300℃
Environmental Temperature-40~+70℃
Safety CertificationProtection ClassIP66/IP67/IP68
Explosion-proof GradeFlameproof type: Ex db IIC T6 Gb
Intrinsic Safety: Ex ia IIC T6 Ga
MaterialHousingAluminum, 316L
Fork Body316L

1.Self-check feature can accurately locate fault information;

2.The fork body has a compact design, which can be detected is 0.008g/cm³;

3.The integrated design of the long fork body allows for better fork consistency and stability, eliminating the need to adjust fork body mass.